About Us

We are the world's most comfortable activewear, proudly milled and manufactured in the USA! We pride ourselves in designing the softest, breathable yet most durable, TENCEL fabric based active-lifestyle clothing on the market. Our fabric is milled in Huntington Park, California by Pacific Coast Knitting and all apparel is handmade at our cut and sew facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a 100% environmentally friendly, made in the USA company.


TENCEL® is natural intelligence making it unique. Nanofibrils in the actual fiber guarantee this. Submicroscopic canals between the individual nanofibrils regulate the absorption and release of moisture which proves to be ideal when performing sports. Tiny fibrils guarantee optimum moisture transportation and excellent thermal regulating properties. The space between the body and the performance textile remains dry.


TENCEL® helps you to improve your performance thanks to the perfect regulation of the body’s temperature when you practice sports. The basic principle is that the human body clocks up a performance of only 60 Watt when sleeping whereas a sportsman records more than 1,000 Watt. Excess body heat has to be shed by the body to prevent overheating. This is done by releasing more moisture through the skin. Roughly one million perspiratory glands per m2 of skin. In addition the body loses up to 1.8 liters of water per hour during sport. Therefore, it stands to reason that active wear has to absorb a lot of moisture if it is to allow for peak performances.


TENCEL® does not overheat! TENCEL is odor resistant and breathable!


TENCEL® optimizes the performance of sportsmen and women by regulating the skin temperature. With synthetic fibers on the other hand, the skin temperature increases which can have a detrimental effect on an athlete’s performance.


The moisture management of TENCEL® is unique when compared to synthetic fibers and allows for peak performances in sports. The excellent moisture absorption is perfect for the skin and thus guarantees well-being at a very high level.


TENCEL® absorbs moisture completely naturally and releases this again into the environment. In comparison synthetic fibers absorb no moisture whatsoever. Two factors are decisive for the subjective well-being of the skin: a pleasant coolness and the smooth surface of the textile.


TENCEL® combines both of these properties thus preventing skin irritations. Rough fiber surfaces can on the other hand lead to skin irritations which are disruptive when performing sports. The smooth fiber surface of TENCEL® guarantees coolness and softness next to the skin.


Bacteria do not stand a chance with TENCEL®. The enormous moisture absorption capacity veritably nips the growth of bacteria in the bud since the moisture is immediately spirited away to the inside of the fiber. No water film forms on the fiber which can be the basis for the growth of bacteria and the development of odor.


TENCEL® is the hygiene fiber per se. The growth of bacteria is prevented in a natural way without any chemical additives. If one compares TENCEL® and synthetic fibers, the risk of bacterial growth is 2,000 times higher with synthetic fibers than with TENCEL®.


TENCEL® combined with synthetic fibers: to ensure that moisture is removed from the skin as quickly as possible, double-face textiles are used. On the outside TENCEL® is responsible for moisture absorption. It acts in a similar way to "blotting paper” absorbing the excess liquid from the skin. The perfect skin-sensory properties and optimum moisture management coupled with anti-smell properties make TENCEL® the ideal choice for fitness and wellness activities. The pleasant hand of TENCEL® turns this feeling of physical well-being into a true experience.


A1A Activewear exclusively uses TENCEL in all it's men's and women's apparel. Our TENCEL is milled here, in the USA! Which makes A1A Activewear the perfect choice for those seeking comfort, durable styling and to support American made manufacturing. We are 100% Made in the USA!